YONKERS - The state comptroller has criticized Yonkers' new budget, but Mayor Mike Spano says he's working hard to tighten the city's belt and keep Yonkers running.

City leaders now say they have no choice but to fight back against the state to try and get Yonkers its fair share. The Yonkers City Council is joining a lawsuit to try and get more money for the city and its public schools.

The state comptroller has criticized Yonkers for relying on a one-shot of $28 million to help the public schools, and for using more than half of its fund balance to pay for expenses in the city.

Spano says a multimillion-dollar school budget shortfall left him no choice. He tells News 12 Westchester that he's looking closely at how to save money and bring more money into the city.

"The state really needs to adjust the way it helps finance the city of Yonkers with recurring revenue, so we agree in many respects with the comptroller's report," says City Council President Liam McLauglin.

Despite using the fund balance, the mayor told News 12 Westchester that there still is an emergency fund that adds up to $8 million. He says he'll be watching how dollars are spent over the fiscal year.