YONKERS - Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano is asking the Board of Education to consider all of its options to find a new superintendent. 

Spano is asking the board to spend the money on a nationwide search for a superintendent, despite the fact that it has an experienced interim in Michael Yazurlo.

"Dr. Y is doing a great job and certainly is a top-level candidate for us," he said. "But, we won't know until we do that search. That's why I'm encouraging the school board to do that."

Pat Puleo, head of the teachers union, also says that a national search is necessary.

Yazurlo replaced Bernard Pierorazio, who some parents believe was forced out after an audit discovered a multimillion-dollar budget shortfall.

While parents supported Pierorazio, the Yonkers PTA wants to be part of the national search.

The Board of Education says it's committed to conducting a search for a new superintendent. They'll also be looking at Interim Superintendent Yazurlo as a possible candidate.

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