YONKERS - Yonkers Interim School Superintendent Michael Yazurlo released his budget proposal to the school board and the public for the first time Wednesday night.

A $22 million shortfall is being filled by $10 million from the city of Yonkers and $12 million from the Yonkers School District. There will not be any layoffs, but 85 jobs, including 15 teaching positions, won't be replaced due to attrition or retirement.

The decision to not replace these positions means bigger classes in elementary, middle and high schools, and fewer after-school activities.

The Board of Education must approve the budget before it goes into effect, which means it’ll have to sign off on an agreement that gives Mayor Mike Spano more control over the school district.

The superintendent says this is about as good as it can get with the money he has, while parents say they feel like their kids are still losing, even without layoffs.