YONKERS - About 200 Yonkers firefighters protested outside a public hearing on Mayor Mike Spano's $1 billion budget plan on Tuesday.

The firefighters say they want council members to protect them financially, like they protect the lives of the people in the city every day.

The firefighters call the mayor's proposed budget disrespectful. They also point out that they haven't had a raise in five years. Union President Barry McGooey said, "The price of a gallon of milk or loaf of bread has gone up considerably in the past five years and our salaries have not."

Mayor Spano's budget has no cuts to vital services or eliminations of municipal positions and a proposed 1 percent property tax increase.

The mayor has said he believes it is a balanced budget that addresses the deficit, stays within the state-mandated property tax cap and continues economic progress.

Others say it is an outrage and an insult.

Council members are tentatively scheduled to vote on the budget May 29. The new budget would take effect on July 1.

There is another public hearing next Tuesday before a final vote is held.