'Yarn Bombing' explodes in Yonkers

'Yarn Bombing' turns everyday objects into works of art (7/8/14)

YONKERS - Everyday items like bike racks and park benches have been given new life thanks to a new art project in downtown Yonkers.

Bike racks, parking meters and park benches in Van der Donk Park are now wrapped in yarn and bursting with color, as part of a new project called "Yarn Bombing."

"Yarn Bombing" decorates the ordinary things we pass every day, turning them into objects of imagination and delight. "We wanted to bring some light and color and excitement to downtown Yonkers, and brighten it up. It's summer, and everyone's outside enjoying the park, so we thought we'd bring some more color in," says artist Sarah Divi.

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The current display continues in downtown Yonkers through Sept. 14.

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