TUXEDO - One woman was seriously injured and another driver is under arrest after a two-car crash in Tuxedo this morning.

Police say Christopher Saladino, 30, from Greenwood Lake went through a stop sign on Route 17A by the Park and Ride and slammed into another car. The second car, driven by Elizabeth Freaney, 51, along with her 14-year-old son, crashed into a ditch next to the road.

Freaney was alert, but had to be cut out of the car. She was airlifted to Hackensack Hospital with serious injuries.

Police say Saladino was not hurt, but is facing charges of reckless driving and vehicular assault. He also may be charged with driving under the influence, since he refused to submit to a drug test.

A friend of Saladino tells News 12 that the signs at the intersection coming off Route 17 are hard to see. "He got off the off ramp here to get onto 17A. There's no speed limit signs. Nothing to tell you to slow down and as you can see the stop sign is concealed by the trees over here," says Ed Collins, of Greenwood Lake.