BLAUVELT - A Blauvelt woman is being tested for rabies after being bitten on the leg by a raccoon Wednesday night in her Wilson Street house.

Pamela Poppe says she went downstairs into her basement to get some party favors for her 11-year-old daughter and her friends. While in the basement, she encountered a raccoon that somehow made it inside.

Poppe says she dropped the box she was carrying when the raccoon lunged at her and bit her on the leg.

The raccoon wasn't caught and killed to be tested, so it's not known if it was rabid. Poppe wasn't seriously injured, but says she's going to be tested for rabies.

The Pearl River School District is now asking parents and students to be on the lookout after police received a report of what was described as a rabid raccoon spotted near the middle school this afternoon.