WHITE PLAINS - White Plains officials broke ground this morning on affordable housing, which is a prelude to a major overhaul of an old public housing complex.

Offcials say today's groundbreaking is the beginning of a much needed end to the 450-unit Winbrook public housing complex that has stood in downtown White Plains since 1949.

The project will have 104 affordable housing units, along with a 13,000-foot community center. It's the first phase in plans to eventually demolish the entire Winbrook complex, and renaming it Brookfield Commons.

The objective is to do all of this without inconveniencing any of the people who live here. In fact, before any of the buildings are torn down, all of the residents will be moved into the new housing. "It’s a win-win for everybody. No one will be displaced. No one will have to be pushed out. There's no gentrification," says White Plains Housing Authority Director Mack Carter.