GREENBURGH - A private club that owns a shooting range in Greenburgh is firing back at neighbors who say it's dangerous.

Westchester County Police Revolver and Rifle League has operated a shooting range off Ardsley Road in Greenburgh for more than 70 years.

Recently, a woman claimed to have been hit in the leg by a fragment of a bullet fired at the range.

Club member Robert Berkowitz calls the allegations virtually impossible.

"There's no direct line of sight,” he says. “Now how could this have happened?  Right now, we don't know."

Club officials add that there is no way someone shooting that day could have intentionally fired a bullet across the hill that the alleged victim was standing on.

Greenburgh police tell News 12 that they will never be able to show where the piece of metal came from before it hit the woman, but the claim has unnerved people living in the area.

Town Supervisor Paul Feiner is introducing legislation that would place restrictions on outdoor ranges, including one that would likely force the range to close. Feiner is expected to introduce the legislation tomorrow.  

If the town adopts Feiner's proposal, the issue is expected to wind up in court.