WHITE PLAINS - Westchester County taxpayers say they're divided on how the county's 2013 budget was passed in a controversial vote Friday.

Only nine legislators - seven Republicans and two Democrats - voted on the budget Friday after eight Democrats walked out, claiming the meeting was adjourned.

"We sent it back to committee and there was nothing else on the agenda," said Ken Jenkins (D-Yonkers), Chairman of the Legislature. "The meeting was adjourned."

Those who stayed behind say the meeting was never officially adjourned, making the budget vote legal.

"It's a fiscally prudent and socially responsible budget," said Mike Kaplowitz (D-Somers), one of two Democrats who stayed behind and voted. Kaplowitz says filing a lawsuit over the budget would be a waste of time.

Taxpayers have mixed views, with some saying the Legislature needs to learn to work together and not walk out before a budget is passed. Others said lawmakers shouldn't vote on laws without everyone present, calling the vote "sneaky."