WHITE PLAINS - Funeral services were held in White Plains this weekend to mourn the sudden death of Christopher Seguinot.

Seguinot, who was 21, died on Wednesday after police say he was allegedly drag racing with friends along the Saw Mill River Parkway. They say Seguinot was traveling in excess of 80 mph while exiting, and flew over the Ashford Avenue Bridge.

The impact 25 feet below was so severe that pieces of his car sliced trees, and steel bolts were left bent and twisted. Officials have replaced the metal fence Seguinot's car flew through with a concrete wall, while friends and family have marked the spot with candles and flowers.

Seguinot's friends say they are struggling to cope with his sudden death, and called him a good friend who was like a brother.

Police say they are still investigating the crash, and charges may be filed against the other drivers.