NEW ROCHELLE - A candlelight vigil was held last night for a New Rochelle teenager who died of a severe asthma attack.

Dozens of teary-eyed family members and friends mourned in silence at New Rochelle High School as they remembered 17-year-old Jakira Greaves. Greaves passed away Friday morning right before school started.

Candles were lit and balloons sent to the sky last night as those that gathered offered support to one another trying to make sense of the tragedy. Greaves' sister expressed her gratitude to all those that showed up to support her and her family. "Y'all don't know how bad this hurts me to know that she's gone, but it means a lot to me that she has a lot of friends and family and close friends. Whoever knew Jakira; Jakira was always loving and happy. I'm trying not to cry right now, I'm trying to stay strong."

New Rochelle school district officials say that students and staff were being offered support from guidance and clinical staff.