TUXEDO - School officials stopped a planned student walkout Friday organized by students at George F. Baker High School in support of their teachers.

A group of seniors at the high school decided to stage a schoolwide walkout Friday after learning that next year's school budget included a proposed layoff of 11 teachers. The students say they're standing behind their teachers and hoped the walkout would show the community they care.

Superintendent Carol Lomascolo says the proposed cuts are necessary to help keep the district financially afloat. Many school districts in New York, including Tuxedo, are struggling with reduced enrollment and Lomascolo says that means tough financial times.

Students at the high school say they still plan on doing what they can to support their teachers, including starting a petition and speaking at the next school board meeting. No layoffs have been finalized, as the budget is not yet approved,  but the district does plan on reducing staffing.