HAWTHORNE - A stash of drugs went missing in 2011 at the Troop K barracks in Hawthorne but was kept secret, according to Albany-based newspaper The Times Union.

The article alleges that a large stash of cocaine, marijuana and pills went missing from the barracks. It also claims none of the state troopers involved in the investigation have been brought up on any charges. However, the incident reportedly led to the early retirement of two senior investigators and the resignation of another trooper.

Two of the troopers have filed complaints with the human rights division and are now fighting for back pay, claiming they are innocent and were made to be scapegoats in a much bigger scandal.

The troopers, Seamus Lyons and Noel Nelson, are now being represented by attorney Terrence Dwyer.

Dwyer believes many others had access to the evidence room and could have stolen the missing drugs.