Times Herald Record: Some teachers at center of heroin probe at Benjamin Cosor E.S. submitted drug test

Seven teachers at Benjamin Cosor Elementary School in Fallsburg are under investigation following the recent discovery of heroin in the building. (3/3/14)

FALLSBURG - Some of the seven teachers at the center of an ongoing heroin probe at Benjamin Cosor Elementary School have submitted to drug testing, according to the Times Herald Record.

The controversy began last month when Fallsburg police said the seven teachers refused to take urine drug tests on the advice of their teachers unions, prompting outcry from worried parents.

Fallsburg police say heroin and hypodermic needles were found twice inside a staff bathroom at the school. Authorities installed surveillance cameras and narrowed down their investigation to seven teachers seen using the bathroom where the drugs were allegedly found.

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Some fear that the tests will not be helpful since it has been weeks since they were first accused.

Fallsburg School District's Board of Education will meet Wednesday.

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Should a teacher be fired for refusing to take a drug test?

Yes No Drug testing for all!

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