WHITE PLAINS - Parents want to know if the White Plains School District and Police Department followed proper protocol when handling a recent bomb threat at the high school.

On Monday, sources tell News 12 Westchester that a 15-year-old student wrote a note saying a bomb was under a desk at White Plains High School. The school was not evacuated and parents were not notified.

Police cannot release the identity of a minor in this case, but sources say the student in question is the son of White Plains Mayor Tom Roach, making some parents accuse the district of preferential treatment.

"It's very unfair and inappropriate and it should have been handled like they handle any other potential incident that happens in this school," says parent Yvette Sweeney.

White Plains Public Safety Commissioner David Chong says the police were called, but it was determined the incident was not a criminal matter.

Attempts to contact the mayor's office and various school officials were unsuccessful.