YONKERS - Tenants in a Yonkers building say they have so little heat in their apartments that they have to keep their ovens on to stay warm.

Heat is coming out of the radiators inside apartments at 7383 Highland Ave., but tenants say it is not enough.

Some tenants, like Eileen Baker, say they have to sleep with electric heaters on full-blast or else the bedroom is ice cold. Baker also runs the oven before bed.

The building, run by Roizman Properties in Pennsylvania, was recently renovated, and updates included new windows. But now, there are drafts of cold air coming into the apartments, tenants claim.

Aside from cold apartments, tenants are complaining to their landlord about their electric bills being so high from having to run so many things to keep the place warm. The landlord says that the issues are being worked on.

Calls to Roizman Properties were not returned.