MANHATTAN - A mom who lost her three children in a wrong-way crash on the Taconic Parkway is speaking out for the first time.

Jackie Hance, whose three young daughters died in the July 2009 crash, broke her silence in an exclusive interview with NBC News. Her children were killed when police say their aunt, Diane Schuler, drove drunk along the Taconic Parkway in the wrong direction for two miles before colliding with an SUV. Schuler, the three people in the SUV and Schuler's daughter were also killed.

Hance is promoting her book, "I'll See You Again," which details what has happened to her family since the accident. "I'm their mom and I'm supposed to protect them and I didn't. It's just hard not to blame myself," says Hance.

The Hance interview is scheduled to air on NBC's "Rock Center" tomorrow at 10 p.m.