MANHATTAN - Five people, including two from the Hudson Valley, are under arrest for allegedly drugging wealthy men and luring them to strip clubs to steal their money.

RoadHouse strip club manager Carmine Vitolo, from Pomona, and exotic dancer Roselyn Keo, who lives in Nanuet, are part of the alleged scam that cost four men a combined $200,000.

Police say the suspects met their victims at upscale bars in Manhattan, where they spiked their drinks with drugs. They were then allegedly dragged to the RoadHouse strip club in Queens and Scores in Manhattan, where the suspects allegedly racked up tens of thousands of dollars in charges using the drugged men's credit cards.

Police say the victims woke up in cars or hotel rooms, remembering very little. The women allegedly blackmailed the men to keep them from contacting police, sending text messages threatening to expose them.

The suspects have been charged with grand larceny, forgery, assault and tampering with evidence.