YORKTOWN - A law named after a Yorktown girl is now into effect in New York state.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the new 'Hannah's Law,' named after an 8-year-old Hannah Devane, who has an extremely rare disease where she can't digest real food and can only drink a special formula.

Devane's insurance company refused to pay the $1,200 a month tab for the drink, claiming it wasn't her main source of nutrition.

After a five-year battle in Albany, the new law will mandate that the insurance companies pay up. State Sen. Greg Ball, who introduced the bill in Albany back in 2008, tells News 12, "Hannah is the cutest and toughest little girl I know and is an outstanding, giving member of our community. Thanks to this new law, we have ensured that thousands of families are never again victimized by the system, like the Devane family."