CORTLANDT - There was a major setback Wednesday in the fight to build affordable housing units in Chappaqua.

A state board has denied almost all of the special waivers that developers requested to seek variances to build a 28-unit housing complex.

Real estate developer Conifer has had a long-standing plan to build the affordable housing units on a one-third of an acre parcel wedged between the Saw Mill Parkway and Metro-North train tracks.

Town officials approved the project last year, with the understanding that Conifer's plans would meet their building codes.

In declining the developer’s request for seven out of the eight variances, the Hudson Valley Board of Review says there are too many unanswered questions in the plans around fire safety and firefighter access to the building.

Conifer's attorney Randolph Mclaughlin downplayed the ruiling as a speed bump rather than a setback. He says his team will make whatever adjustments they need to in order to keep the project on track.

Mclaughlin says that they have no plans to abandon the project and that it is critical and needed for the country.

Officials for the developers say they will wait for the official transcript of Wednesday's ruiling before they make their next steps public.