SPRING VALLEY - A growing number of leaders in the East Ramapo community believe that Gov. Andrew Cuomo should take a more active role in the way their school district is managed.

They say they are disappointed with the way the mostly Orthodox school board has run the district.

Parents and students say they are also concerned with the way things are currently being run.  

Spring Valley High School junior Ingrid Castor says there have been many cuts over the years, including to her cheerleading squad, which is no longer a sanctioned sport.

She insists she's open to the district getting some much-needed help and money to improve the education at her school, but she wants the help to come from people who really care.

Castor says that she doesn't believe the board has the school's best interest in mind.  She also says that the governor doesn't know Spring Valley on a personal level, so he may not have their best interests in mind, either.