SOUTH SALEM - A South Salem parent claims Lewisboro School District officials dropped the ball about notifying him of a situation involving his child.

Frank Andrade's outrage stems from an incident Wednesday in which a fifth-grader brought a knife to school and threatened two students. He says the school district didn't follow its own own policies when it comes to emergencies involving children.

Andrade says it took district officials seven hours to contact him about his child being threatened and they never contacted police. School district officials say they didn't notify parents sooner because they needed to get all the facts straight.

According to the district's code of conduct, the district is obligated to call police if a student brings a weapon to school.

News 12 learned it was a steak knife that the student brought in to school. The school district's interim superintendent says the knife was found inside the student's backpack and was only discovered because other students notified teachers.

Andrade says it's not the first time the student has threatened his kid. Other parents were also angry about the situation.

Parents say they do not blame the school principal. They say she handled the situation correctly but was overruled by the district.

The student who brought the knife to school is being disciplined.