WESTCHESTER - Sen. Charles Schumer is calling for a federal investigation into Con Edison, Metro-North and Amtrak, saying that MTA officials know more than what they are releasing about the power failure along the New Haven line.

Con Edison and MTA crews are continuing their work in Mount Vernon on a feeder cable that caused a power outage on Metro-North's New Haven line. It’s the second major breakdown in recent months after a May derailment caused widespread disruptions.

“The people responsible need to be held accountable,” said Sen. Schumer. “Heads need to roll. Management needs to be changed."

MTA officials say that 125,000 commuters along the Metro-North New Haven line can expect 50 percent of normal capacity along the rail during the morning commute on Monday.

Many riders will be forced to take buses and transfer to the Harlem line.

Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal is calling on the MTA to issue refunds for riders impacted by delays. MTA officials are urging weekly and monthly riders to save their tickets because they are considering providing those refunds.

The root cause of Wednesday's feeder line failure is still being investigated.