YONKERS - An expert spoke to News 12 today on how to protect children from sexual predators following the arrest of David Chardon for allegedly exposing himself at the Palisades Mall.

Security expert Edmund Hartnett says sexual predators engage in illegal and high-risk behavior many times before they are caught. Hartnett says other than being hyper-vigilant in public places, parents can prepare their children about how to respond to inappropriate behavior.

He says that kids can sometimes be intimidated by adults, but children should know that they can identify and report bad behavior.

Hartnett also adds that while Chardon's alleged acts may not seem serious to some adults, he insists they can cause great harm to children.

"They don't realize the trauma they are placing on children they do this to," he says. "Some of the kids are victimized for years beyond what would seem to be a stupid event, but in some way its an attack."