MOUNT VERNON - School officials and political leaders met in Mount Vernon Friday to address racist rants involving high school students after a recent basketball game between Mount Vernon and Mahopac.

Mount Vernon officials are demanding a full investigation and are calling on the state to recognize the situation as a civil rights violation.

Five more Mahopac students were suspended because of the tweets, bringing the total number of students suspended over the incident to eight.

Mount Vernon Superintendent of Schools Judith Johnson says while she concerned herself mostly with the behavior of the students, video evidence shows some adults were involved in acts of taunting.

A shoving match between fans from both sides after Mount Vernon won the game was broken up by Westchester County police. Police say officers were on scene moments after the melee erupted, but at the end of their investigation, nobody wanted to press charges.

They say racist tweets and unsportsmanlike conduct is really a matter that needs to be resolved between the respective school districts. However, Johnson says there were clearly laws broken, citing the Dignity Act.

Local officials say the whole matter could end up in a courtroom.