NANUET - Rockland police are searching for a man who was seen wandering around a Nanuet elementary school's grounds, allegedly trying to talk to students.

The man was spotted on Church Street near the Highview Elementary School on Highview Avenue in Nanuet at around 5:30 p.m. Monday.

Police say the man was watching kids playing outside during an after-school program and attempted to call the students over. They say the suspect was in his 40s, and was wearing a plaid shirt and carrying a neon-colored cane.

The students did not respond.

News 12 has learned that an adult counselor called police after spotting the man, but the suspect left the scene before officers arrived.

Police say that the incident does not appear to be related to attempted lurings in nearby West Nyack last month. They say they'll keep extra patrols in the area, and are encouraging the public to be alert for any suspicious behavior.