NEWBURGH - A Yonkers reverend is speaking out in support of a Yonkers teen who he says was wrongfully convicted in a beating at Gorton High School last year.

Jason Vaughan, 19, was convicted Tuesday of three felonies in connection with a violent beating at the high school. The Westchester Community College freshman is currently being held at the county jail in Valhalla. During the trial, witness testimony and surveillance video were used to show Vaughan was not at Gorton High School at the time. Additionally, a teen involved in the fight reportedly confessed, but was never charged.

After hearing the details of the case, the Rev. William Norman of the Solidrock Christian Center says he decided to help Vaughan. He is now asking Yonkers' NAACP chapter and other local politicians to help clear Vaughan's name.

"I decided to do whatever I could," says Norman. "I couldn't sit on the sidelines and do nothing."

Vaughan's parents say they are hoping for a new trial.