YONKERS - While the flow of raw sewage may have stopped, the suffering continues for people living at the Whitney Young Manor apartments in Yonkers.

A spill of sewage on Saturday sent feces and urine-tainted water flowing into several of the apartments, and the tenants say they are still suffering the after-effects.

"We got all the disinfectants and stuff like that and we took care of it, but you still have a little stench coming through the building," says tenant Crystal Graham.

Residents say raw sewage flowing into their apartments whenever the plumbing system malfunctions is an unwelcome way of life.

Joel Cornell blames New York City-based Omni New York  LLC, the real estate development company that manages Whitney Young Manor.

News 12 reached out to Omni New York. A spokesperson for the company said this was the first time the property has had a sewage problem.  

A statement from Omni New York says the tenants are its first concern, that the problem has been fixed and that it deeply apologizes to the tenants for any inconvenience.