YONKERS - Reports say that Ukraine's opposition leaders have signed a deal with President Viktor Yanukovych and European mediators.

Ukraine's parliament has voted to restore a previous constitution that limits presidential powers, which was a big part of the agreement signed today.

The agreement also calls for presidential elections to be held this year instead of next year. Ukrainian authorities are supposed to name a new government, including opposition figures, within 10 days.

But, as of right now, protesters angry over police violence are showing no signs of abandoning their camps in Kiev. Moreover, previous agreements and truces have been reached in the standoff, only to end in mass violence.

The bloodiest clashes happened this week with dozens killed and hundreds wounded.

The conflict is a battle over the identity of Ukraine. The government is moving closer to Russia, but the protesters want the country to align with the West.

Westchester is home to thousands of Ukrainians, and the parishoners at St. Michael's Church in Yonkers have been praying for an end to the bloodshed.

Andrew Horbachevsky says, "This is really a fight for basic human rights, dignity of the individual. The government has been exposed as being corrupt, diabolical, tyrannical."

Lawmakers also approved amnesty for protesters involved in the violence.