MOUNT KISCO - A local lawmaker is now proposing a Social Security credit for caregivers who sacrifice a salary to care for a loved one.

Rep. Nita Lowey (D) was in Mount Kisco yesterday to unveil her plan that would provide a Social Security credit for caregivers, when calculating their Social Security benefits at retirement.

One local woman says she and her sister may need that one day, since after caring for their mother, who has Alzheimer's, is almost a full-time job. "We really work with schedules, and we try to plan ahead. I call on some other friends in the community that I know, to help us with hours, to pick her up, or sit with her for an hour. But I can see it long term. She's only 69 years old, our mom," says Andrea Cicchelli.

Lowey says she will introduce the measure in the House this week, and she is calling a companion bill in the Senate a work in progress.