MOUNT VERNON - The New York Rangers are in the Stanley Cup Final for the first time since winning it all in 1994.

The Blueshirts ended their 20-year drought by taking Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals 1-0 over the Montreal Canadians at Madison Square Garden Thursday night.

The victory was a heart-stopping moment for many fans too young to remember 1994. "It was really exciting, at first I thought they were going to shake it up a bit but in the end they pulled it out," says young fan Aaron Klein.

Another fan who spoke with News 12 at the Ice Hutch in Mount Vernon says he's only heard stories and watched YouTube clips of the Rangers' '94 Stanley Cup victory, but is excited to witness firsthand what he hopes will be another championship win this year. The general manager of the Ice Hutch says the team's advancement to the finals means a big boost for business and for the sport.

The Rangers will face the winner of the Western Conference finals, and the first game of the Stanley Cup Final will be Wednesday on the road.