RAMAPO - Ramapo Town Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence says he does not know what the FBI was investigating during a surprise raid at town hall yesterday.

St. Lawrence, in an interview with News 12, says none of the authorities would give details on what they were looking for. St. Lawrence claims he doesn't know either, but fully cooperated with investigators. "The FBI came, they requested some limited documents, which we provided to them and they left. They didn't question anyone or say what the matter or anything was, but we cooperated with them and we will continue to cooperate," says St. Lawrence.

Federal investigators, along with the Rockland County District Attorney's Office, spent more than six hours inside and left with cardboard boxes filled with town records and computer hard drives. Several town employees, including St. Lawrence, weren't able to leave town hall until late in the night.

Town attorney Michael Klein, who was also in the building for several hours after the raid began, said agents did not give details regarding the focus of their investigation, but said it looked as though investigators were strictly targeting records from as far back as three years ago from several departments.

According to Newsday, a law enforcement source said some of the records sought by federal agents are related to Provident Bank Park, the controversial $38 million home of the Rockland Boulders. Some local legislators, and outspoken critics of the town supervisor, say they are suspicious of the relationship between the town and the local development corporation that runs the ballpark. "We know there have been terrible over expenditures of cost in the stadium. There were a lot of contractors involved in the construction of the stadium. A lot of vendors. Chris St. Lawrence has cultivated vendors since the day he came into office in a way not even the most sanguine politicians haven't," says Rockland County Legislator Joseph Meyers.

The Rockland County DA says this probe is not related to the corruption case in Spring Valley.