YONKERS - Students and parents asked Yonkers School Superintendent Bernard Pierorazio to finish out the school year during a school board meeting Wednesday evening.

Mayor Mike Spano announced last week that Pierorazio will be retiring in 30 days. The announcement came after an external audit allegedly found a $55 million shortfall in the school budget.

Community members at the meeting have asserted that Pierorazio was forced to retire at the hand of the mayor and City Council President Liam McLaughlin.

“I feel Mr. Pierorazio deserved a lot more than he is getting,” said one parent. “I’m here to find out why he’s leaving…as a parent, we don't know why.”

Mayor Spano maintains that Pieorazio offered his resignation and he accepted. The mayor is pushing for the state to allow his office to have more oversight of the school by creating a department of education under the city's control.

The school board president says they want to get to the bottom of the schools' finances and ensure transparency. They say their goal is to ensure that services and programs are maintained in the school district.

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