YONKERS - In his first public comments since the acquittal of his former personal trainer on child rape charges, Putnam County District Attorney Adam Levy says there is no way he's backing down from his defamation lawsuit against Sheriff Don Smith.

Levy is suing the sheriff for $5 million, claiming that Smith sought to ruin his reputation when he allegedly accused Levy of using his office to interfere with their investigation of Alexandru Hossu.

Levy blames Smith for going after Hossu to punish him. The district attorney told News 12 what he wants more than anything is for Smith to publicly apologize to him.

If he doesn't, Levy says he intends to make the sheriff pay one way or another. As this lawsuit makes its way through civil court, Levy says he's done all he can to make sure it's not having any impact on the working relationship between his office and the sheriff's department.

Smith was unavailable for comment.