GREENBURGH - A proposal to shut down a gun range in Greenburgh has been put on hold.

Last month, a woman claimed she was hit by a bullet fragment fired from the Westchester County Police Revolver and Rifle League.

A police investigation that could determine if the piece of metal is part of a bullet is underway.

Town Supervisor Paul Feiner wants legislation that would regulate outdoor ranges. Before submitting the proposal, both supporters and opponents of the range were given a chance to speak about it at a special meeting Tuesday,

Councilman Francis Sheehan invoked a rule that postpones any action for now. Sheehan said he had concerns that the proposal is not aimed at safety, but rather to put the range out of business.

The town board may still act on Feiner's proposal, but nothing will happen right away.

The subject may be on the agenda when the town board meets at the end of August.