WHITE PLAINS - New details are emerging as police investigate an apparent murder-suicide that happened yesterday at a White Plains YMCA.

Crews rushed to the scene on Mamaroneck Avenue early yesterday morning due to reports of a fire. Inside, they discovered two bodies: one that was badly burned and another that had been subjected to a brutal, bloody attack.

Police say the ordeal apparently started out as a long-simmering feud between two men. They say one of them was Michael Solomon, a 68-year-old security guard who worked at the YMCA for years. He was involved in a dispute with a resident of the YMCA whom police have not officially identified, but neighbors say is known only as "Eddy."

Investigators say they believe that "Eddy" attacked Solomon yesterday morning, hacking him "numerous times." The suspect then went back to his third-floor apartment and allegedly set himself on fire, prompting the evacuation of all 60 people from the building.

Firefighters say the body of the suspect was so badly burned that DNA will have to be used to positively identify him.

Neighbors say that "Eddy" worked as a trainer in the YMCA's gym before he was fired. Some suggested that he had instigated any feud between himself and Solomon.

One man tells News 12 that he will always be haunted by the screams he heard from Eddy calling for help after he had lit himself on fire.

The people who have been displaced by the fire are staying at a nearby Red Cross shelter. Police say they hope to have all residents back home soon.