CARMEL - Police say a man was arrested and is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation after he was found covered in wires and carrying unidentified liquids.

Eric Dellafiora, whose last known address is a Connecticut motel, was arrested Thursday on Route 52 in Carmel.

Police say they stopped the 40-year-old because he was driving erratically. When officers confronted him, they say they noticed he was wearing brass knuckles. He also had battery packs, jugs of unidentified liquids and two-way radios. Police say wires were protruding from his clothing.

Police evacuated the area and hazmat crews were called in to check out the suspicious materials.

Authorities say Dellafiora has a history of mental illness and has had past troubles with the law.

Last year, Dellafiora's old brother, Robert, was killed in Nevada during a shootout with police officers. It is not clear if his arrest on Thursday had anything to do with that incident.

Dellafiora was taken to Putnam Hospital Center.