FALLSBURG -  State police say the group of teachers from Cosor Elementary School at the center of a heroin probe have not been cleared despite claims that their drug tests have all turned up negative.

On Feb. 6, seven teachers and aides were seen on surveillance video using a bathroom, where an empty bag of heroin was later found. Union officials later announced that drug tests for all six of the faculty involved came back negative. The aide previously tested negative in January.

Some parents are not happy with the way the school has handled the incident, saying the teachers should have been put on administrative leave during the investigation. They are also pointing fingers at Fallsburg police, saying the investigation headed by school resource officer Martin Gonzalez was faulty from the start. Gonzalez has since been removed from the school.

Three of the teachers spoke during a school board meeting Wednesday night at Fallsburg High School, demanding that the district clear their names. They say Fallsburg Central Schools Superintendent Dr. Ivan Katz never backed or supported them, but rather helped fuel the fire in making the community think they were guilty without proof.

Dr. Katz says the investigation is in the hands of the district attorney and that he's not commenting further.