YONKERS - A Yonkers man was arraigned Friday for an accidental shooting that wounded his neighbor.

The incident happened Thursday afternoon at an apartment building on Jones Place. The victim, 70-year-old Miguel Vazquez, says he was watching TV in his apartment when he felt a pain in his lower stomach. He then noticed he had been shot, with his belt buckle blocking the worst of the impact. Vazquez's son, Julio, says he heard a popping sound and ran inside to find his father on the floor, holding his stomach.

Police arrested their neighbor, 21-year-old Eston Kershaw. He allegedly fired a handgun from the third floor down into Vazquez's apartment, leaving a hole in Vazquez's ceiling. Police say Kershaw told them he fired the gun by accident. He has been charged with reckless endangerment, assault and criminal possession of a weapon, because the handgun was illegal.

Vazquez received two stitches for his wound. He is expected to be OK.