Pit bull severs child's genitals in Yonkers

Neighbors say the genitals were placed on ice when the boy was rushed to the hospital. (11/21/13)

YONKERS - A pit bull is was euthanized today after attacking a young boy and severing his genitals.

Police say the mauling happened on Nov. 10, inside a third-floor apartment at 9 Cottage Gardens in Yonkers. The attack left the boy with a severed penis.

News 12 obtained the pet policy for the Yonkers Housing Authority. It clearly states in bold print that pit bulls are not allowed in the residences there. Only dogs of less than 25 pounds are allowed as pets.

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Court documents say the 5-year-old victim was repeatedly told not to go near the dog named "Momma" because she was dangerous.

The mother of the boy contacted News 12 to say that her son is "fine."

The three people inside the apartment during the attack were given summonses. They are scheduled to face a judge on Dec. 9.

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