WALKILL - An Orange County family is recovering after being attacked by their own pet pit bull Sunday night.

Rosalind King and her family were home when their dog, Supreme, started attacking King's 8-year-old granddaughter. King's husband, Darren, wrestled the dog down and chased him to the living room as the dog continued to maul him.

Rosalind King went to help, but she was bitten on the arm, and retreated back to the bedroom. She and her granddaughter escaped the house through a window.

Darren King barricaded Supreme in the living room with furniture, but the dog was still out of control as police arrived on the scene.

Police used a Taser on Supreme twice, and say he died of unknown causes at the house.

Both Rosalind King and her granddaughter are recovering from bite wounds. Darren King suffered major injuries to the torso and both arms, and remains in serious condition.

The dog was taken to animal control for testing to see if the family needs to be treated further.

The family believes the dog may have been rabid after killing woodchucks in the backyard.