YONKERS - An animal advocacy group in Yonkers is doing what it can to help find a serial cat killer.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, PETA, has posted a billboard on North Broadway and Manor House Square, offering a $22,500 reward for the person responsible for bludgeoning 25 cats to death in Yonkers.

Back in April, city DPW workers made the gruesome discovery of two dozen plastic bags hanging from trees containing the remains of murdered cats by Overlook Terrace.

Police say all the animals were killed by blunt force trauma, and autopsies showed the killings had been going on for at least one year.

According to investigators, the main concern is that animal abusers are usually repeat offenders who then go on to commit acts of violence against humans. That’s why police say it is important to find the person or people responsible as soon as possible.