PEEKSKILL - A community activist is accusing a Peekskill councilwoman of threatening her during a shouting match at a Peekskill Common Council meeting in April.

Leester Brown says Councilwoman Vivian McKenzie threatened to have Brown "handled" by her husband when he gets out of prison.

The exchange of words on April 28 was allegedly caught on camera.

During the meeting, Brown was making a point on an issue by reading from the city charter, when McKenzie interrupted, asked for order and allegedly made the threat.

McKenzie declined to talk on camera, but tells News 12 off camera that no threat was made during the meeting.

The day after the meeting, Brown filed a complaint at Peekskill police headquarters.  She says she wants a public apology from McKenzie, but she is also filing a complaint with the city's ethics board.

Brown is also considering taking her complaint to state officials to see if there was any official misconduct by Councilwoman McKenzie.