MONSEY - Hundreds of mourners came out to say goodbye to a pioneer of Monsey's Hasidic community today.

Family and friends bid farewell to Moshe Yisrael Cohen, 76, at the Congregation Sharey Chesed in Monsey.

Police say a Cohen was struck and killed by a car while crossing Monsey Boulevard in front of Satmar Shul around 9:30 last night. The driver the Honda CRV that hit Cohen, Rachel Friedman, 44, of Monsey, remained on the scene and was not seriously injured.

Police say Cohen's death will most likely be ruled an accident. No charges have been filed against Friedman at this point.

Earlier in the evening around 7 p.m., a child was struck by a driver while crossing Phyllis Terrace just down the street from the fatal accident. Police say the child was not seriously hurt, but was taken to the hospital.

Friends of Cohen tell News 12 say pedestrian safety is a problem in Monsey. "The area really isn't built for pedestrians. It's more for vehicles but as now that the community grew, safety measures really need to be taken into account," says Chaim Lefkowitz.