YONKERS - A pastor and her group of volunteers were praying when part of the ceiling inside the Living Transformation food pantry caved in Tuesday morning.

The pastor, Lourdes Rivera, says she contacted the landlord of the Lawrence Street building several times about problems from flooding to faulty wiring. According to Rivera, nothing has ever been done.

Rivera says she did get a notice alerting her that more than $9,000 in rent was overdue. The notice ordered her to pay up by Friday or face legal action and possible eviction.

She showed News 12 another document that she says lists her consistent rental payments. She says she has a verbal agreement with the Bronx-based property owner to pay every six months.

News 12 reached out to the property owner. The woman who answered the phone declined to give her name and disputed Rivera's version of events.

Rivera says she has occupied the building for 10 years helping out seniors, the homeless and the hungry by providing food and clothing.