MAMARONECK - Several parents have filed a lawsuit against Mamaroneck schools after a change in its out-of-district transportation policy.

The Mamaroneck school district claims it can save about $98,000 a year by not providing yellow school buses for students attending parochial and private schools. Instead, the district will provide Bee Line bus passes.

Stacy Caffrey says she fears for her daughter's safety because she would have to walk along an access road in order to take two Bee Line buses from Larchmont to Holy Child in Rye.

Families against the change say the district is violating education law that says children in grades nine through 12 who live more than 3 miles from school and up to 15 miles away must get transportation.

Caffrey and several other parents have filed a lawsuit against the district, saying providing bus passes and not buses violates education law.

The district says education law allows the use of bus passes.

According to district officials, fewer than 70 out of 372 students are affected.

Mamaroneck will not be the only non-city school district providing bus passes to some of its students.  The Rye Neck School District uses both yellow buses and transit bus passes.