MAMARONECK - Dozens of angry parents rallied outside a Mamaroneck school board meeting Tuesday night against a proposal that could force students to take public transportation to school.

The school board says cutting yellow school buses would save the district money but parents say that savings would come at a cost to their children's safety.

Parents filed into the meeting at Mamaroneck High School's library to try and convince the board to reverse its decision. Kristen Degen, a mother of five children, says the current 20-minute school bus ride would become an hour and a half commute.

Degen shared photos of the 1 1/2 mile route her 12-year-old twins would have to walk daily to reach a public bus to arrive at their Catholic school in Rye if the change goes into effect.

The school board is proposing students use vouchers at no cost to parents to ride on public transportation.

The school board is planning another meeting to review the transportation policy before introducing the budget.