POMONA - There is growing concern about a proposal to extend the school day by two hours at Pomona Middle School this fall.

Nearly 700 youngsters will be putting in an eight-hour school day this fall. The East Ramapo School District is funding the two extra hours of school time with a state grant won by the organization Wellcore. "This additional time will help the students academically as well as offering them opportunities to become more involved in our school community," says principal Christine Alfonso.

The extended day is supposed to improve education, but it's not just the students who aren't crazy about the idea. The school district has recently issued a letter to Pomona Middle School parents explaining the new schedule, but some parents have complained that they should have been told about the change in schedule a lot sooner. Some parents tell News 12 the short notice doesn't give parents time to consider alternatives, especially if they have concerns about safety, as their children come home later in the day. "To say that, 'Well, we're going to extend it two hours' and no one knows about it, so we can give input, I think is kind of crazy," says parent Wayne Lawrence.

Wellcore officials say delays in getting state approval delayed the announcement.