YONKERS - A Yonkers father claims his teenage son was wrongly convicted of crimes that could send him to prison for years.

Jason Vaughan, 19, was convicted in connection with a violent melee at Gorton High School last month in Yonkers.

His parents, Ranier and Amanda Vaughan, say their son was convicted even though a student who was beaten and an eyewitness to the fight testified in their son's favor. Vaughan was convicted of assault, attempted robbery and grand larceny following a seven-day trial in White Plains.

Vaughan’s parents say the jury even ignored surveillance video showing another teen who was identified as the real attacker. The Vaughans say the boy in the video confessed, but was never charged.

Ranier and Amanda Vaughan say Jason was actually picking up a friend at Riverside High School while the fight was going on at Gorton High School.

Vaughan, who is  freshman at Westchester Community College, faces seven years behind bars if convicted. His parents hope that new evidence will  lead to a retrial. However, the DA says that Vaughan was convicted by a jury of his peers based on evidence.